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Choose the path of simplicity with our service.



Brital transport

Present in the field of parcel delivery for more than 5 years in many delivery territories in Quebec, our company mission is to completely satisfy its customers. We are currently operating in the following areas. Parcel transport, export in the Caribbean and we are specialized in the energy sector.


Our export service provides full or partial support for your needs. It is with pleasure that we will guide you in your new adventure.


Our services

Multi ethnic warehouse worker in hardhat

Selection of products requested by our customers

Our partners in various sectors allow us to locate the best products at the best prices. We rely on the expertise of our associates to provide you with quality products according to your needs. We also have various small suppliers for all requests.


Pickup at home, in store and more +

For our customers who already have a customer account with a supplier or can simply not collect their own item, our service includes such movements. Without forgetting that the classic service for your exports does include it as well

Camion de déménagement
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Complete and safe loading of heavy and fragile products

Professional and safe loading for all kinds of products, parcels and fragile devices.


Product packaging, for careful transport

In order to ensure the safety of your items during the multiples step following the selection, we guarantee packaging that will protect your goods. The service is also available for classic pickup.


We work for you

Search for your products

Collection and packaging of products

Transport Reception or delivery


Energy specialist

Our knowledge at your disposal

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Wind Turbine Icon.jpg

Wind turbine

Charge controller Icon.jpg

Charge controller

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A wide range of products available as well as all our expertise in the field.

Please feel free to contact us for energy information.

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